Whole Person Facilitating

A Whole Person approach to facilitating, helping to develop a deeper, more courageous practice when working with groups. Our approach works with the complexity of the world we live and work within.

There isn’t a formula, there is yourself as the instrument as change.¬†Your own development as a person is a central part of this learning process. This places your history and your hopes for yourself and your facilitation at its heart.

Oasis has been developing courageous facilitators since 1985. Our vast experience in this field means we can co-create the learning with you, tailoring the programme to your needs.

Tools, skills and confidence

Develop everything you need to work with groups

Improve your impact

Collaborate effectively and take the lead to get things done

Increase your influence

Develop presence, influence and authority and maximise your potential

Whole Person Facilitating was transformational when it comes to how I understand and work with people. As a result, I'm more aware and perceptive and look beyond the so-called obvious answers and quick fixes.

Elizabeth BaggerDirector General, Institute for Family Business

Facilitation of groups, events and meetings is demanding both personally and professionally. To do it well requires the ability to hold multiple and sometimes conflicting agendas. It requires design processes that help speak to different styles and approaches.

What you will gain

  • Greatly extend your confidence in applying interventions that have impact
  • Learn how to help a group continue to operate effectively when complex issues and questions arise
  • Learn how to help a group make decisions when uncertainty abounds
  • Explore the feelings that arise in a facilitated process and feel more confident working with them
  • Become more confident at identifying and naming the different interpersonal dynamics you experience
  • Work with the themes of power, authority and influence
  • Become more effective at adapting your approach to meet the emergent needs of the groups you work with
  • Become part of a supportive community of practice

Who is Whole Person Facilitating for?

  • You already work as a facilitator and long to go deeper with groups, teams and individuals
  • You want to develop a more effective approach to working on the development of groups and teams
  • You want to develop a more holistic and radical relational approach to your work
  • You want to identify and work with your own developmental areas, in ways that give you more freedom to act courageously
  • You are looking for a learning experience that can be designed around your specific needs

If you want to push yourself into the true art of real facilitation, then this is the programme, but it won't allow any corner cutting.

Kath WaltonHead of People Services, North Star Housing Group

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To find out more about our inside-out approach and to have a conversation with one of the facilitators about the programme, call 01937 541700 or email us.