Resilience, Adaptability and Wellbeing Network

Join our cost effective membership network of organisations across multiple sectors with a commitment to sharing ideas about what it takes to cultivate resilience and wellbeing in the workplace. Explore and learn new ways of working and learn from emerging good practice in the field of resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.

The landscape for employee resilience and wellbeing in the workplace  is changing and it’s changing fast. Knowing where to start with workplace wellbeing can feel like an expensive and time intensive minefield.  Get it wrong and you’re facing law suits, get it right and your culture will attract and keep the top talent who want to go the extra mile for your cause.

As a learning organisation, we work with clients who are keen to do more with resilience and wellbeing in the workplace. Clients that are willing to try to do better workplace wellbeing, share with like-minded organisations and learn from each other. At the heart, it’s about what’s required to create great places to work that have workplace wellbeing at the heart.  Some of our clients want a more hands on support package and we offer a consultancy approach for that, click here for more on workplace wellbeing management consultancy.

Some of those same clients also want to be part of a network of like-minded organisations, who come together in a regular rhythm to share what it’s really like trying to scope, implement and sustain better workplace wellbeing.  As a result, The RAW Network was formed three years ago. It started with eight member organisations, committed to doing more for their people and learning from each other with facilitators from Oasis creating and holding the space for exploration and learning around workplace wellbeing. Three years on we have over 20 organisations in the network which still includes the original eight members.

Not only does our work together in the network, build strong, open and informed relationships in the workplace, it inspires realistic and practical workplace wellbeing initiatives that work. It also supports the development of workplace wellbeing champions and as a bi-product, as members, we all become more committed to our own wellbeing, leading by example.

RAW manifesto

This manifesto captures the aspirations and intentions of our community to create great places to work where people and organisations can thrive. You can view the manifesto HERE

A framework for organisations

We’ve designed this framework from over 30 years experience working with purposeful organisations, to create cultures that enable people to thrive.  Working out where to begin with better employee wellbeing can feel daunting. We recommend that you use this framework to locate where you are and where you hope to be. The check list on the back page will help you get clearer what you might need to prioritise.

Resilience and wellbeing in the workplace

Being part of the RAW Network will give you the chance to come together with diverse peers on a regular basis to share learning resilience and wellbeing in the workplace and emerging good practice for wellbeing at work. You can also take advantage of our expertise, with over 30 years’ experience in the field of workplace wellbeing through our unique whole person approach.

If you’re looking for a more hands on and internal offering, which includes consultancy, training courses or webinars on workplace wellbeing and creating great places to work, we can also help with that.

RAW Booklet

Resilience, Adaptability and Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing

Get a broader deeper perspective on wellbeing at work by learning from others

New ways of thinking

Build on the potential of your people through better ways of working

Learning to adapt quickly to change, challenges and even setbacks is proving more essential than ever. Being part of the RAW network provides us a framework to effectively build these skills by sharing and developing robust approaches to workplace wellbeing with like-minded businesses, so together we can thrive, not just survive.

Alex WillcocksDirector, Engage Interactive

Better workplace wellbeing

Successful resilience and wellbeing in the workplace requires a tailored approach in organisations. It can often feel overwhelming knowing where to start. Reputation, compliance, sustainability, innovation are all motivators for doing more to cultivate better workplace wellbeing.

When organisations join the RAW network they get access to the wisdom, experience, thoughts and perspectives of many other organisations motivated to come together on a regular basis to share learning and explore best practice for wellbeing at work.  As well as the collective experience of over 50 practitioners who are part of the Oasis community. The Oasis community has been around for nearly 40 years helping organisations to navigate change, cultivate healthy cultures and operate from our unique whole person approach.

As part of your annual membership, members attend four facilitated events throughout the year, receive access to a private online community for sharing ideas for workplace wellbeing, monthly wellbeing at work newsletters for employees, and quarterly newsletter for commissioners on creating great places to work. They also benefit from two free places for our Skills for Change two-day programme, a one-hour RAW audit session, and discount on room hire.

When we asked our members recently what they liked most about being part of the network they agreed that stealing ideas from each other and having a safe space to share what’s working or not in their organisations with wellbeing at work was by the far the two biggest benefits.

Benefits of being part of the RAW network

  • Develop a wider lens on your environment. Expand your knowledge base and get a broader perspective on workplace wellbeing issues
  • Learn from others’ good practices. Saving time, energy and resources
  • Shape strategic commitments towards your resilience and wellbeing in the workplace vision
  • Think big, act small and start now. Apply an intrapreneurial approach to make significant changes to performance
  • Learn and develop within a network that nurtures trust, openness and working with underlying challenges
  • Deeper connectivity. We will encourage and create opportunities for you to connect more deeply with your peers both inside and outside the network.

Details of RAW Network can be found here.

Resilience and wellbeing in the workplace is critical to individual and organisational success. The ability to withstand knocks and to learn from them is an important prerequisite to being the best we can be. There is an increasing awareness of the fundamental importance of workplace wellbeing in enabling people to fulfil their potential and contribute to delivering great outcomes for customers.

Chris WortsHead of People Services, Skipton Building Society

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