Online Programme – Writing for Resilience


Online programme by Pam Winter

We have all faced enormous challenges in the past year, and at times it has felt as though we were tossed around in the eye of an immense storm with fierce winds and torrential down pours. As this stormy uncertainty continues, albeit with some light as we prepare to move into a new year, it can seem as though there is little to hold on to. An image that provides a useful metaphor for what we might need during such uncertain times is that of an anchor, something to hold us in place, like the rooted Dart of seaweed that ’holds’ it to the rocks as waves crash overhead.

One practice that has proved enduringly helpful and positive in enabling our resilience is that of expressive/reflective writing. This practice can give us that ’anchor’ 24/7, and all you need is a pen and paper to write! This online writing programme aims to provide a supportive facilitated environment where you can start to explore and experience the power of writing through structured and guided techniques and poetry therapy with the following aims:

  • to support self-care and wellbeing in these challenging times
  • to try out different writing prompts on the theme of personal and professional
  • to practice and develop both expressive and reflective writing for whole person learning
  • to access our own deep inner wisdom

This is not about writing the perfect poem or prose piece – it doesn’t matter what your spelling is like and the only person who will read your work is you – any sharing is completely voluntary.

As a coach, counsellor and poetry therapist I have used a writing practice for my own personal and professional resilience for many years and know of the deep benefits it can offer. Here are some comments from previous participants on this programme:

“It has really helped me to feel I have inner resources that I can draw on, and the group is beautifully supportive, and generous. I leave feeling upheld and carried to another place, which helps a lot.”

 “I really appreciated the way you gently held the sessions with so much grace and skill, Pam. I also appreciated getting to know my fellow writers so much better, and for the quality of communing together in this way, for the listening and the sense of space, trust and intimacy.”

 “I now have quite a different outlet for thoughts and feelings and a different way of reflecting as well. The value of being able to read through what has been written is immense.”

 “I really appreciated you Pam! You have led us so skilfully and with such compassion and support. It fosters such openness and trust, which in turn has enabled us all to be closer and more open and honest. Thank you so so much.”

Dates and Times

28 May 9 – 10.30

4 June 9 – 10.30

25 June 9 – 10.30

9 July 9 – 10.30

16 July 9 – 10.30

30 July 9 – 10.30


Cost £270.00

To book a place please email