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In order to work to their full potential, employees need an environment and a way of working where wellbeing flourishes.

Developing employee wellbeing has catapulted itself to centre stage with the growth of globally responsible leadership, proliferation of B-Corporation organisations looking for more ethical ways of working and the mental health movement.  There is much talk about the next generation of leaders who are unwilling to accept workplaces that don’t have purpose, offer meaning to their work and don’t feel well cared for. If we’re going to re-engineer our organisations and develop better employee wellbeing practices to adapt to the changing workplace, demands of our changing landscape and still thrive, we must learn how to place employee wellbeing at the heart of our cultures.

With nearly 40 years experience in creating health and wellbeing programs, we understand that many employers want a culture where employees have enough resilience to withstand the demands of their workload, the tools to adapt to constant and uncertain change that seems to loom on every horizon, where a work-life balance is alive and real and where people feel valued.

We work with responsible organisations in a number of different ways to develop their employee wellbeing practices.  At the heart of our approach we role model relationship and whole person approach to ensure that we’re working together with integrity, honesty, clarity and openness.

Employee wellbeing audit

Trying to figure out where to start developing employee wellbeing can feel like an expensive and time consuming black hole. Which is why we offer a light touch discovery phase. We will work with you and your people from within your organisation to temperature check what’s working and what needs attention in order to create a wellbeing plan that fits your organisation. We’ll look at vision, values, culture, employee wellbeing, line manager resources, systems and process constraints.  This increased employee wellbeing data will shape and prioritise what’s required for your organisation to deliver better employee health and wellness programmes.

We can help you assess what is affecting employee wellbeing and work out how to make and manage changes to create real impact. Our support creates a beacon of light in what is often a difficult area to navigate.

Creating health and wellbeing programmes

If you already know what’s working and what needs enhancing around your employee health and wellness programmes, we have a suite of employee wellbeing programmes, workshops, talks and training courses. All our work is adapted to fit your culture and your objectives around increase health and wellbeing in the workplace. We also offer counselling and bereavement services, wellbeing coaching programmes, and action learning facilitation to support the learning within your organisation.

Enhance Wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing programs help you make changes to create real impact

Increase Resilience

Our health and wellbeing programs at work ensure people can withstand the demands of their workload

Staff Retention

Build on the potential of your people through lessons learned in our health and wellbeing programs in the workplace

The benefit of the depth of the diagnostic enabled us to think about what we wanted to be like as an organisation. This made us move toward what we wanted to develop to become that organisation.

Carole RichardsonAssistant Director of Housing, North Star Housing Group

Developing corporate health and wellbeing

We can support and work with your organisation in a number of ways;

As well as having tried and tested methods and frameworks that we know help organisations to navigate where they are and where they want to be, all of our human relations services are tailored to the clients unique needs around better employee wellbeing.

Consultancy – Increasing employee wellbeing, creating a great place to work

If you’re wanting to go deeper with your exploration of developing employee wellbeing, our whole person approach to corporate mental wellness programs will be a better fit. This approach is for clients who want to take an integrated approach that starts and ends with your culture but puts creating employee wellbeing at the heart. If you’re looking for something more proactive, accountable and strategic, we can work in partnership with you to cultivate sustainable growth in the health and wellbeing programmes in your organisation.

Our light touch consultancy brings a cross section of people from your organisation together to diagnose and create a realistic achievable and relevant approach to improving the ‘way you work’ in your organisation. At the end of the discovery phase you’ll have a plan to implement. We’re able to walk alongside you at a regular rhythm with your employee wellbeing champions to assess what’s working, what’s emerging and what new blocks need moving.

Programmes– Developing employee wellbeing, navigating change and resilient managers

Short training courses that will teach and hone the skills required for developing employee wellbeing and creating resilience. We have three short training courses (all of which can be adapted to suit your needs). They include; Whole person approach to employee wellbeing, The resilient manager, Navigating change.  Across these three employee wellbeing courses, your staff will be empowered with all the resources they need to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Speaking/Staff events – Employee wellbeing and great place to work

Inspirational and thought-provoking talks that incorporate our unique Whole Person approach to resilience, adaptability and wellbeing. Inspirational sessions that last one hour and can easily be incorporated into your staff events and team building days.  These inspirational talks on creating employee wellbeing will leave your people feeling empowered, resourceful and equipped to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and to contribute positively to others in their team.

These talks can also be integrated into workshop format for a more informal and co-creative setting.

Counselling services & bereavement support

Our first class, direct access confidential counselling service enhances the motivation, effectiveness and wellbeing of employees at the most difficult of times.

To find out more about how we might support your organisation to increase and create resilient way of working, please get in touch for an initial scoping conversation with one of our experts.

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