Programmes – Dialogue, Diagnosis and Design

We’ll help you to develop the right skills for your organisation, working in partnership with you to help your people learn about relationship, navigating change, leadership and more.

If you’re on a journey of change, developing your people to fulfill their potential is essential.

Together we’ll design programmes that are tailored to match your specific organisational needs. These can be delivered in-house or at our centre in Boston Spa.

We currently run a number of open programmes; Real Leaders, Coaching with Head Heart and Soul, Whole Person Facilitation and two smaller programmes; Skills for Change and Speak to be Heard. We have been running programmes for 30 years and our experience spans, organisational, team and individual development.

All of our open programmes can be tailored to suit client needs. We prefer to work collaboratively and co-creatively with you to design programme that’s in line with the development needs of your organisation. That usually requires a thorough research phase where we meet with individuals across your organisation to assess and discover the core needs that will help you evolve to the next phase of organisational success.

Our programme terms and conditions can be found here 



Designed and delivered in partnership with you to fully meet your specific needs


Engaging your people and organisation with the issues that matter


Create development that caters for exactly what you need - even if you don't know it yet

The only kind of learning which significantly influences behavior is self-discovered or self-appropriated learning - truth that has been assimilated in experience.

Carl Rogers

We can run any of our Whole Person Learning programmes within your organisation, or we can create programmes specifically with and for you.

Our most popular programmes are Coaching with Head, Heart and Soul, and Skills for Change.

We have also run the following bespoke programmes in the past: People, Planet and Purpose, Collaboration in Action, Values in Practice, Change Agent as Leader, and many more.

The best place to start is in conversation with one of our Directors. Contact us to set up a meeting.

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