Human Relations Consultancy and Facilitation

Our human relations approach brings more collaborative working, culture change and authentic leadership to your organisation and teams. We create long-term partnerships with our clients. By getting involved over time, people’s resources and resolve are strengthened, results can be embedded and the ramifications of change can be incorporated within your strategic direction.

Our Approach

We respond to your context and specialise in making sense of your world and harnessing the wisdom held within your teams and organisation. We are eclectic and seasoned professionals working with leading edge theory and experience – often in challenging ways.

Our approach enhances opportunities for your development and long-term effectiveness. It combines an understanding of the dynamics of organisational and team phases, structures and systems, with the people involved and the work they do.


By accessing our innovative approach your organisation can:

  • Find fresh points of view that lead to better ways of doing things
  • Thrive in a complex and fast-changing world
  • Support and energise staff and suppliers
  • Address customer and community expectations
  • Identify and work with unsolvable dilemmas so you don’t feel stuck and frustrated.

Oasis has been courageous and bold, never wavering from its purpose, and for me the ‘experiment’ has been hugely successful. The business is stronger and richer as a result; meaningful relations, trust, and honesty prevail, and I don’t know how this could have been achieved without the support and guidance of Oasis. Their people orientation, insightfulness, and ability to find solutions to complex issues are unique in my experience – there are simply no other alternatives for me.

Angela LockwoodChief Executive, North Star Housing Group

Our People

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