Improving Organisational Development

A unique Community of Practice to help you develop and deepen your knowledge, skills and networks for increased impact

Whether you work as an individual consultant, or transforming your own organisation, this unique Community of Practice for OD practitioners will help you develop and deepen your knowledge, skills and networks for increased impact.

We use a combination of facilitated supervision, peer-based learning, and individual-focused development. Our approach is experiential, participative and co-creative.


Share ideas with respected practitioners to save time and effort

Grow and strengthen

Develop individual and organisational capacity and capabilities


A community of diverse-minded peers offering challenge and support

Some of the questions that OD consultants face today:

  • How do I stay energised and purposeful in my practice?
  • How do I build and sustain my resources as an ‘instrument of change’ for organisational success?
  • How do I help my organisation make wise choices to bring about high impact transformation?
  • How do I develop metrics that value human relations?
  • How do I work with the tension between the need for quick fixes and deeper culture change?
  • How can I apply systems thinking to my work, connecting purpose, process, people, performance and planet?

Oasis has successfully worked with many practitioners and organisations to provoke new thinking. We co-design, develop and apply OD interventions and approaches, which have enabled successful transformation and the achievement of goals. We have particular experience in peer-based and facilitated supervision.

Benefits for You and Your Organisation

  • Improved, informed and innovative OD, with measurable impact
  • Cost-effective access to tried-and-tested OD resources and practices
  • Collaborate with respected OD practitioners to share ideas and save time and effort addressing organisational challenges
  • Time to make conscious decisions and apply them pragmatically
  • Renewal and increased mastery of OD skills, behaviours, process and interactions.

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