The Change Agent

An important resource tool for change agents and consultants working with organisational development from a human relations perspective.

It is aimed at those who have a clear change agent/consultant position, those thinking of developing such a role, or those who need to understand how to help others and the organisations in which they work develop more effectively.

The manual introduces some of the critical models and methods of assisting organisational change in a developmental way, examines the process of consultancy/change through the Seven Stage Model of Human Relations, puts the work of the consultant in the context of current organisational dynamics and social change, and contains many opportunities for practical involvement by the reader.

An essential read for any coach, consultant or facilitator that wants to develop longer term and meaningful relationships with their clients to bring about real lasting change and transformation. The role of consultant can be a challenging one, but with this helpful, information and sometimes challenging guide, the road to better client relationships and better quality work can be less challenging.

Front cover of The Change Agent