7 Principles to Shape the Workplace of Tomorrow

We are in a time of fundamental change and the future remains uncertain. Real change will come when people and organisations live more sustainably from the inside out: maintaining a nurturing connection with the planet; creating space for reflective and value-based practice; holding awareness of possibilities and technologies for the future whilst remaining in touch with present realities; and making conscious decisions in life and work based on core values.

The workplace has a critical and unique role for people. It is where most of us spend most of our lives and where we shape our livelihoods. The workplace is an emergent setting that is being called to go beyond ‘business as usual’. What we know, how we use it, what we believe in, how we want to organise ourselves and, above all, the nature and quality of our relationships, will underpin the autonomy and connectivity that frames the workplace of tomorrow.

We see the workplace as a crucible and a servant for creating life-affirming activity. As we asked our own questions about the potential transformations facing the workplace, we wanted to learn from people across all walks of life, from business to third sector, from arts to technology, from public to emergent, representing a dynamic cross-section of backgrounds, ages, contexts and ways of looking at the world of work.

This research brings together the findings from these learning conversations.

Front cover of 7 Principles to Shape the Workplace of Tomorrow