The Gift That Keeps On Giving… Working With The Seven Stage Model

Julie Barnes

From navigating a family Christmas to creating a successful business, to working out your next steps in life, The Seven Stage Model provides a flexible, dynamic framework for creating change and getting things done in our workplaces, our families and even in our own lives?

We know that relationships are at the heart of successful business – relationships with customers, clients, colleagues, employers and bosses. We so often hear that when things go wrong it is because of poor communication, too little time or misunderstandings about who is doing what and by when.

And doesn’t this apply in any situation where people come together – at work, leisure, in our families? Wouldn’t it be great to find a solution to this which everyone could use? A way of people talking and working things out together? Supporting each other when things don’t go to plan, rather than blaming or sneering from the sidelines?   Finding real solutions which open up our options rather than closing them down and backing us into corners? Learning how to be together in harmony and in conflict?

If only, such a thing existed. I’d ask for it for Christmas and give it to the world for real peace, hope and change.

Well, here’s a thought…. The Oasis Seven Stage Model does just this, and here is the good news: It’s the kind of model that anyone can use, building as it does on what many people do already – getting to know each other, being clear about what we are doing together and how we will support each other in doing that. But much more than that, it helps us to go further – creating relationships where we can work out our differences and both challenge and support each other when we are stuck or when things go wrong.

It helps us have the inevitably difficult conversations that we sometimes need to have, and to face times of adversity and despair with a clear road map. It offers choices and freedom to experiment with making change happen, and a way of recognising and celebrating the progress we have made.

Sounds great? So why isn’t everyone using it? Well, no-one said it was easy! And it’s a living model that is applied by humans with humans in human relationships, so, as with life, its deliciously complex and never predictable. And applying the seven C’s of this model can be a life’s work – there is always more to learn and to refine in how we behave and relate to each other. But there are definite skills and behaviours which help and a great place to start to learn and practice these is with our two day programme – Skills for Change, offered by Oasis on 4/5 February 2016.

This programme is an experiential smorgasbord of inputs, skills practice and opportunities to work with people from all walks of life and business and to learn from each other. Run over two days, it offers an overview of the model and an in-depth look at each of the seven C’s.

Working with your own, and others questions, you will learn about and practice the skills of each stage in real time in a supportive environment. Its pacey and demanding and hugely rewarding in creating real learning and insight for 21st Century living and relating.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Julie Barnes


Facilitator, organisational consultant, supervisor and coach working from Whole Person and AI principles