Have I got your attention?

Glyn Fussell

What is it about certain people that grabs your attention as soon as they walk into a room?

Why do some people’s contributions to conversations get heard whilst others fall unnoticed to the side-lines? How can we make more of an impact?

Such people have developed a fundamental sense that they are worth hearing. They have developed the confidence that allows them to be seen by others. That belief enables them to cope with the inevitable nerves that can surround public speaking. They can hold their own in a room, even one full of big personalities and competing voices. It can be encapsulated by a seemingly magical and elusive quality: they have presence.

Developing more presence

But can you develop more presence?

Over the last three years it has been my privilege to work with actor and international voice coach Corinna Powlesland on our programme Speak to be Heard. It’s a two-day, practical intensive that enables you to explore how to strengthen the way you use your voice and present yourself in a world full of big egos and competing agendas. You will learn to build your sense of worth and bring more presence to your encounters.

Speak to be Heard is designed to give you the tools, techniques and self-confidence to speak out. To manage your nerves and, above all, to be more impactful.

Gaining self-confidence to speak out

Here’s what previous participants had to say:

I found this to be a great programme. Two days after this I had to walk on stage in front of 200 people to collect an award. Because of the programme I was able to do this without being a nervous wreck – I was conscious of what I was doing and what posture I was holding.

Bev Dominy-IveOffice Manager, Bettys

It has increased my confidence in my own voice and that my voice is my own so that I cannot compare it to others. The coaching in the programme gave me some excellent tips around tone and projection of voice. The facilitation of the programme was excellent and I could not fault the support that was given. I have left with some very sound knowledge, clear tips and skills.

Sharon DunbarChildren’s Service Manager, Barnardos

To book your place on this popular programme email us or give us a call on 01937 541700. Find out more by looking at the programme page.

Glyn Fussell


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Glyn Fussell