Helen Green


Helen Green’s passion is to encourage, challenge and guide individuals at transition points in their lives when they either want or need to explore a new direction in their career.

Helen Green

She has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resource Management in a variety of roles, mostly within the public sector. Her career has given her many opportunities to work with individuals to support their personal and professional development.

As an HR manager and recruiter she often met candidates who had much to offer, but sadly let themselves down during a recruitment process. As a result many missed out on opportunities where they could have excelled.

Even people with impressive work histories may struggle to value or even recognise what they have to offer. Redundancy or major changes at work can leave individuals feeling insecure and lacking in confidence. I see my role is to support the individual during this difficult period, suggesting ways of making progress and developing more confidence.

Helen is qualified to Level A and B in psychometric testing with a particular interest in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). She has found the MBTI a useful tool in helping people understand their personality preferences, their ways of communicating and their decision-making processes. It also enables teams to make constructive use of their differences.

Helen’s connection with Oasis goes back to 1999. She completed an Advanced Certificate in Human Relations in 2000 and an Advanced Diploma in Facilitator Styles in 2001. She was part of the Whole Person Learning co-operative inquiry. As a keen photographer she has been delighted that her work has been hung in two exhibitions at the Oasis Centre.