Chris Oxnard


Chris Oxnard has a long affiliation with Oasis spanning 25 years starting with a counselling course followed by a Diploma in the management of change and more recently Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul.

Chris Oxnard

She has worked with others throughout her career in one-to-one working as a counsellor and coach. She will hold you in the challenge and brings her experience and wisdom to her work in a skillful way. She works to get beneath the surface with incisive thought and exploration and a search for deep understanding.

Chris has a nursing background and has worked in the NHS for over 35 years and has held a number of senior clinical and management roles. More recently Chris was part of a senior team responsible for the setup of the national clinical research networks and following a restructure has taken up the role of Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Yorkshire and Humber clinical research network.

Chris works on national clinical research nursing strategy and has an interest in leadership and succession planning, international networking and innovative ways of delivering care.

Chris is an alumnus of the Athena Kings Fund programme for Executive Leaders.